Florida Kitten Rescue (Meet Griffen!)

Meet Griffen! He was found in the middle of a very busy road yesterday. Griffen had a vet visit today where we found out he is only 5 weeks old and weighs one pound but is in good health. We aren’t sure exactly why he was in the middle of the road. There is a chance he may be feral or he could have been left there by someone but either way, this little ball of fluff has a brand new chance at life!

He has only been with us for a day but his personality is already shining through. This kitten is a curious, spunky, playful little man and he will make an amazing cat. He isn’t afraid to hiss or swat at you if he doesn’t like something and has discovered the joy of toys on a string. Griffen loves to talk; he certainly is a chatty baby.

Griffen is still a tiny baby so he requires constant care. He needs to be feed every few hours, a safe space and lots of tender loving care. We love seeing his personality show and learn more about this kitten as he gets more comfortable with us.

This munchkin already has a very loving home lined up at Florida Rescue Ranch but that doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy spending time with him and hopefully teaching him to trust humans using love and lots of patience. Another successful rescue in the books!

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